Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Blood Scare (not a horror movie title)

That wonderful, disbelieving moment had arrived. Out of me came a crying baby girl with perfect skin. She has a perfectly round head and was a nice light pink color. As she was immediately placed on my chest, In the back of my mind I wondered why there was so much blood. It was on my chest and all over her.  I was on cloud nine, but as I slowly came back to earth, the look between the hospital staff put me on instant edge, opening my ears to their conversation. 

Jessie told me in a reassuring voice that on the way out, Adelia’s umbilical cord broke a couple inches away from her body. Okay, no big deal I thought in my addled brain. Sure I wanted to wait a few minutes, but weren’t they supposed to cut it anyway? It wasn’t until the midwife snatched her away, to place under the heat lamp while the Staff surrounded her furiously that I became aware that this was truly a life threatening situation. 

Adelia’s blood was pumping out of her with every heart beat. She was hemorging and they had to spot it. They did and she spent more time being examined than the average newborn.  In the end she had to have a LOT more blood drawn than usual for constant testing. This made me mad, the poor baby lacked blood to begin with! Her umbilical stump was shorter than usual as the first clamp didn’t take (she now has an outtie).  She is has no lasting effects from the ordeal and we’re totally thankful!

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