Thursday, October 8, 2009

Lauren turns 4!

Lauren turned 4 on the 2nd and to celebrate we had a party in the North Gym at the YMCA.

Lots of her (and mine) friends were able to make it. At first I thought that only my Mom would be able to attend out of my family, but due to many changes of circumstance, they were all there, Mom, Dad, Marleen, Noah, Aria and Jennifer. Even Jen's bo Cameron made a cameo at the end. BTW-thanks to all that helped (including Angel our host) set up and clean up in a whirl-wind of organized chaos, you made this party a success!

During the party, Lauren hoped around until she was red in the face.
The kids were having a ball allowing parents to have some great social time.
All the kids (and adults too, common, admit it!) love this big trampoline built into the floor.
This is the castle cake I made her.
She asked for it while in the store (saw the kit while shopping) and I thought 'why not, can't be too hard right'. Wow. What a learning experience I tell you. The whole thing was uncharted territory for me. Never made a lemon pound cake with jam&jello filling, made/used fondant, decorated plastic, put glitter on anything edible, decorated sprinkles or made a 2-tier cake. Lots of fun, everyone loved the taste and look and if that wasn't enough, the 8 hours of making was totally worth it when Lauren said on the way home..."Mommy, I loved my cake, thank you, you're the best mommy" Awww!!!
During present time, Lauren gave some of her friends hugs and others thanks. It was funny how near the end only the girls remained to watch her open presents while the boys went to play legos and more manly toys!
A great birthday and Lauren was thrilled!