Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter in an Eggshell

Dyeing those easter Eggs, all the kids got in on the fun. Earlier this day we (Ri, Lau and I) went and saw the Easter Bunny at the Tacoma Mall, where she was eager to actually sit on his lap. Big change from Xmas where she wouldn't go near Santa.
Lauren dyed most of her eggs precious pink.
Nate colors like his Mom, the goal is deep jewel tones.
The next morning the Easter Bunny came, and left baskets for Riley and Lauren. Nate asked for and got his giant chocolate bunny. At first he was bummed it was hollow, but after discovering it was at least 1/3 on an inch thick, he was estatic. It was gone by Tuesday.
The kids with all their Easter treats. This year we changed the rules a bit. There baskets were not preassembled, I bought them baskets and had them leave them by the front door to fill (like Santa with stockings). Told them the bunny was trying to recycle! And the eggs on the lawn were already "hidden" but wouldn't become visable until they were ready to hunt. This was the most logical explanation. Riley still beleives and because our hunt wouldn't happen until 4pm, and we would be in and out of the house for church at 9am, I gave the bunny special powers. Da-da-da-dah!
Lauren and mom in their matching Easter outfits. Gymboree of course!
We got a great photo shoot right after church. He had Risen, he has Risen Indeed!!!
The fam came over about 2pm. Here the boys are playing Wii. Sadly the only shot of my nephew Noah. That boy is like a stealth ninja.
Around the dining table after an excellent brunch. We had spiral ham, italian pasta salad, Brian's hand-made chicken salad and deviled eggs (or as Riley said:de-vi-ehl eggs), quiche, mixed fruit, 3 types of muffins, 3 types of fresh-baked bread, and all the sandwhich fixings.
Brian, Jennifer, Mom and Dad watching in the rain as those crazy kids went to town. I think my parents really enjoyed watching the hunt.
Lauren happy as can be, after two practice trials from days before, she was a pro.
Jennifer and her new Bo Cameron who is a GREAT guy and very fun.
My quirky, silly, adorable neice Aria and her mother load.
The kids after the hunt. Oh, another first. Nate was the Easter Bunny! He said he was too old to hunt, so he hid instead. It was the first time in 15 years that I didn't hide the Easter Bunny. Thought I'd be sad, but it was actually great.
After the hunt, the adults came together and played some games. First was a B-I-N-G-O or E-G-G-S game I found on the internet. Had enough prizes for all. But very cute, my Dad won first, gave his giant pink Hershey's kiss to my mom. She won 2nd and gave a giant blue kiss to my Dad. After that, the winner always gave their prize away. Shinny happy people holding hands LOL!
After Marleen, mom and pops left, Cameron joined the boys in getting some energy out with the balloons. Game on! And a great way to end the Easter day!

Afterschool conversation

Mom: Riley, so how was school today?

Riley: Fine.

Mom(fishing for information): So, did anything interesting happen?

Riley: Probably.

Mom: Like what?

Riley: I don't know

Mom: (sigh)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Daffodils & Sunshine

Today we went to the Daffodil Parade in downtown Tacoma where we ended up sitting at 14th and Pacific. My little sis Jennifer and her Bo Cameron were able to join us, I can't believe he grew up here but has never been!
So Riley loved it dancing and cheering, Lauren took awhile and slowly warmed up like she does every year.

Bri and Ri waiting for the parade to begin
Cameron and Jen with Lauren who is not liking the loud motorcycles in the start

We tried to get her to have a good time despite the noise.
Tully's and no smiles

More sparkley, fun things, no smiles

Pretty girly floats = huge smiles!

Riley was growling at the pirates, cheering with the bands and after several attempts with the military, got a ship's captain to salute back (he's in the pic right before saluting). Hey, he's in uniform, right?!

We even saw people we knew in it. Below Aaron A is waving and his parents are on this float (we're in Cub Scouts together) with Tiger Den Leader Courtney. And of course, my high school, and favorite Vikings, Curtis. Even ran into Genevieve from group.

What a sunny, festive parade. Our yearly family tradition continues!

Nate's first shave

Okay, so this was actually on 2.14.09,

but it's never too late to relish a trea-
sured moment and embarse your

teen so here it is.
Holy &*#! when did he get this old!!!
It's not like he has to do it every day,
but it was getting noticable, so we went
to the store, and he picked out a razor,

shaving cream, and skin conditioner.
And that night with a few pointers from
dear-ol' Daddy B, he was on his way.
Since then he's been flying solo and
doing a pretty good job, no cuts yet.

Jr Daffodil Parade, Our Last Year!

Riley's Pack, #42 participates in the Jr Daffodil Parade.
This year despite the crappy weather and being all the way in the back section, F-5, (the end is like G-10) we were more organized, colorful and cheerful than ever!
We had praticed songs for the first time and had our first float which Brian and I made.
In the video you can see Riley swinging a bat near the float and me next to the tall guy with the sign in the middle of the boys, but in front of the float and Riley. You won't miss Bri for sure and check out how they panned out with Sam, perfect! He is such a sweet guy.
Check out the video...