Monday, August 9, 2010

Big Gender Reveal

On Saturday night (8.7.10), Brian and I hosted an appetizer party at Red Robin in Tacoma to announce the gender of our baby due mid December. These pics are only those from my camera, I'm sure others got more :) Thanks to our kids, my parents, Angela and Bryan, Kris, Jennifer and Cameron, Deon, and Jaime, John and Coby for sharing this special time with us!
Here is Nate with my parents. Nope, they were just as surprized as everyone else.

We ordered a cake with either a pink or blue center for the big reveal.

I cut into it and pulled it up. Jaime and Angela were right, IT'S A GIRL!!!
We almost blew the big surprise though. Brian made a slide show of the ultrasound pics, some of which said the gender. Luckily we caught these before they were passed around.

Lauren was trigger happy with the camera. Love this one of Jaime who looks thrilled to get a tab.
Spooky, my sister's bf Cameron when to high school with our server Kyle.

Got the thumbs up approval from Jennifer

Here is Riley and I (with Daddy in the background) that Lauren took. She's been into taking pictures of everything. I took one back and got this great picture of Riley and Lauren.

A very memorable evening!

Friday, August 6, 2010

FB: Last Cub Pinewood Derby

Due to sheer laziness coupled with a dash of morning sickness, I've been laxing on the blogs from Jan-June this year. So here is my 1st catch-up for 2010.


Sadly, we've come to the end of an era. Riley bridged to Boy Scouts in February.
In late January we attended Pack 42's annual Pinewood Derby.
Here is a pick of the kid's three cars. Nate's the fishing one, Riley the slick racer with a stripe, and Lauren tower, custom painted by her. Funny thing about Nate's this years new track had a top and his fisherman almost got decapitated. It just feel off, but he had a good sense of humor about it.

Here's Riley and the beginning of the track holding his car, waiting for it to be placed. He loved his super slick race car. This year the went very well, the kids were into it but not competitive.

Here is a video of Riley's 2nd or 3rd race in his Den.

Though Lauren and Nate were only racing for fun, Riley placed first place in his Webelos Raven's Den for the first time. He even got a trophy (the Pack's first time for those).

The three kids at the finish line with their cars, I'm proud of my little racers!