Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fireworks & the 4th

Ours plans for this fourth were iffy due to Donna's 'morning' sickness. But it subsided in time for us to have a great 4th at the annual reunion in Puyallup!

First we visited the best of the best, Black Cat fireworks, and loaded up on all the goodies.

This was Lauren's first year of lighting, she comes from a long line of pyros! Her favorite was smoke bombs (as they were silent).

The annual volley ball tournament was bigger and better than ever. Here is Nate with Derrick (age 14) playing soccer during a break.

Aunt Pat/Uncle Tom's house in Puyallup was hoping! At one time I counted 64 people! Plenty of cousins, friends and other relatives to visit with. With so many people lighting, safety has to come first, here is the official launch pad. Later on of the tubes holding a mortar failed and it launched crooked. Scary, but no one was hurt. They don't make them like they used to. Lesson: don't cross or over-use tubes.

We all had a great time, here are the kids with their annual sparklers. Lauren remembered the ear muffs Tom lent to her last year and insisted on them again, though for the first time, she was into it! Loved that we were all happy and healthy this 4th!