Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fabulous Photo Shoot

A few moms in my group were doing a fundraiser for Relay for Life. As part of it, Lauren participated in a photoshoot at Point Defiance park with photographer Susanne. It took a while for Lauren to warm up, but she started to have fun after I took some pics with her. Below are some of my favorite shots from this shoot. Thanks a million Susanne!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tea Time

In May my sister's Marleen, Jennifer and our Mom Mary went to tea in celebration of Marleen's 39th birthday on the 20th and Jennifer's 30th on the 27th.

The place we went to was called the Secret Garden Tea and Gift Shop located in Sumner.
I still had to get them their own bouquet of balloons though! Marleen loved her original Harry Potter one.

Jen got the same card from Mom and I. Oh well, it was so funny and true, all about the changes that happen when you turn 30. So until next May, the three sister's will all be 30-somethings.

Not only very quaint but most excellent tea and food! We had a great time chatting it up girl style and finished off with these wonderful desert assortments.

Here is Marleen with a chocolate moose in a chocolate cup!

And here is Jen who got the LAST apple dumpling, the put in the sparkler and we all sang. Got to get a bit embarrassed when you turn the big 3-0!

Wished my other May sister was there, but what a fun celebration, we just might make this an annual thing.

Stylish Sleeper

Yes, Lauren was actually fast asleep in this position.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Half Blood Prince Opening Night

So being the HP nerd I am I wanted to go the the midnight premier on July 14-15th.
Riley wore his Hufflepuff costume that I got together for him last Halloween. It definitely was the best costume there, people were stopping to take pictures with him! He really loved seeing the movie and of course the adults were much more tired than him.
The two of us waiting in line. Yep, that's a Hogwarts jacket!
My friend Betsy was able to join us and the 3 hours in line seemed short and were well worth the front row, almost center seats! We were about the 20th or so and even got theatre #1, my favorite!