Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year, Merry Xmas and all that...

Okay, I know I am WAY behind!
But here is my holiday letter plus links to photos and videos.

Love, Donna

Dear Friends and Family,

We hope you had a wonderful year, are enjoying the season and a Merry Christmas!
Our 2009 was quite a ride that left us thankful for each blessing and excited for what 2010 will bring.

Our family took pleasure in some small, annual local outings like the Puyallup Fairs and Daffodil Parades. Relishing all Cub Scout outings as Riley will bridge to Boy Scouts come 2/10, bringing an end to 7+ years of family traditions. We visited overnight at the Family Fun Center in Tukwila. It’s amazing how just a weekend away can rejuvenate the spirit!

Brian continues as the Webmaster for Mt. Cross and recently begun to read and write more. Boeing downgraded him midyear to a janitorial job. He recently was offered, and accepted, the job of Inspector of the 787’s. He adores this new position even though he’s working 10 hours a day, 28 days a month and has to commute to Everett each day. So a move up north somewhere is very much in our future!

Donna’s renewed her creatively, making birthday cakes, pillows/drapes and Star Wars costumes. She began a blog and resumed fictional writing. Her love of kids & crafts is explored in the mom’s group, Riley’s Den and co-teaching Sunday School. She reads fiercely, belonging to two book clubs. Her and the boys were treated to Star Wars in Concert and support the Sounders FC, attending 2 games. She’ll be finding employment next year.

Nate, now 15, is in pre-manhood. Now a 5’9” taller-than-Mom size, his voice is deep, he had to start shaving, and he’s even began dating! He went from Gray Middle to 9th grade at Mount Tahoma. His 3rd year with Avanti was great, they almost made state, and he’ll tryout for Tahoma’s soccer team in spring. He’s very serious about it and his health, refusing to eat fast food! Now in his second year with Troop 248, he’s now a Star rank and hopes to have his Eagle by the end of next year so he can begin working. He wants to go into game programming.

Riley, age 10, has come a long way. He’s off meds and sleeping better. He’s learning new skills and still loves science and facts, wanting to be a chemist when he grows up. He’s a 2nd year Webelos in his Raven Den, Pack 42. They visited the WA capital in Olympia, and got the meet Governor Greigiore. His 2nd year on the U.P.S.C Wizzards U-11 team went well, only 2 points away from playing for state. Now in 5th grade, he enjoys the Chess club and looks forward to playing an instrument next year and starting gymnastics at the YMCA.

Lauren’s gone from toddler to preschooler. She turned 4 with a gymnastics party at the YMCA. She also played on her first sports team, the Green Snakes soccer team at the YMCA and had the best coach. They called her the “Guiding Light”, though not the fasted, you knew where the ball was by were you was headed. She started school at Narrows Co-Op in University Place and the Sunday School program at Mt. Cross. She’s now officially left-handed and a talented drawer. Her favorite pass times are dress-up, drawing, cars, dolls and blocks.

We’ve been keeping busy this holiday season. Donna took Lauren to her first Ballet and we attended the Festival of Trees. With fresh design ideas in mind, we decided to make a red and white tree, which looks great! Riley got to sell with Nate at Troop 248’s 49th annual tree lot in preparation for being a Boy Scout! We saw the new Christmas Carol movie and plan enjoying our annual traditions of Zoo Lights and Fantasy Lights. Christmas day will be spent at our house, and the family’s having fun preparing.

We are always happy to hear from you so give us a call at 253-314-1739. Find Brian, Donna and Nathaniel on Facebook. Follow Brian’s blog at Simpledaddy.com or Donna’s at hinkleyfamily.blogspot.com
We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a 2010 full of health and happiness.

God Bless!
~*~The Hinkley House~*~ Brian, Donna, Nathaniel, Riley & Lauren

We had technical problems creating photo CDs.
Instead, join our group room to view, download
& print all of our best pictures from 200, including
this Christmas!
You can view 21 videos from 2009, look up
Brian & Donna Hinkley

See our videos!

Riley at the Daffodil Parade

Lauren Animal Sounds

Nate’s 15th B-dy

Lauren’s 4th B-day

Nate’s Confirmation

Riley sings Noel 12.20.09

Exiting to Joy to the World 12.20.09

Lauren SonRock Practice

Nate’s First Corner Kick, Avanti United LSC

Nate’s Season Score!

Lauren’s Green Snakes Awards Ceremony

Lauren’s Caterpillar Crawl

We were there for the Sounders FC Inaugural game!

Lauren playing in a Green Snakes game

Lauren sings the Peter Was a Fisherman Song at VBS

Riley sings the How Great song at VBS

Lauren does Simon Says

Lauren’s Special Day at Preschool

Singing “Toxic” on Christmas Day!

Lauren rides her new 16” bike, Christmas Day

Nephew Noah’s P.I. Dance