Tuesday, March 22, 2011


My fourth and final child, Adelia Jolyn Hinkley, is finally here. I love and adore her. She has blessed my life with her presence and I am so happy that this pregancy, which was unexpected in so many ways, ended in my heathly baby girl.

Right from the beginning, Adelia and I went through quite a journey together. This pregnancy was so different than any one of my other three. Never had I been so wrong before about what I thought I knew. She broke all my theories on pregnancy and gender. But at the time I took this challenge to my deepest instincts on a pendulum ride, swinging between worry and doubting everything I feel, to digging in my heels in the foundation of belief.

Now off this roller coaster ride, these lessons appear clearer. Some include…

Subsequent babies might not come earlier. Nate was born at 41 weeks, Riley on his due date and Lauren 6 days early. Adelia arrived at 41 weeks 6 days.

Pregnancies of the same gender can be night and day different. Same dad, same weight, same body, so what gives? I was extremely sick from 7 to 14 week, mostly at night when dad was at work. I had wicked heartburn, swollen everything, craved sweets, and hurt constantly. With Lauren, I barely knew I was pregnant.

Even instincts can be wrong. Deep down I was positive she was a boy. My instincts with all the other kids, from gender to delivery, were correct. So imagine my shock when each ultrasound confirmed that I was carrying a girl.

Still, even with all this mental and physical chaos and the doubts it sprung, I clung to the belief that my third trimester would be easy, delivery would take place earlier and labor would be just as planned.

BIGGEST LESSON LEARNED: Trust in God and his plan, he whispers to you, follow his agenda and not your own, even if it’s not exactly what your heart desires. Guess I wasn’t paying attention during the pregnancy so it took a big ol’ slap across the face from God during labor and delivery to learn this.

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